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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy of Big Ass Battery B.V., Big Ass Battery B.V. is located in The Netherlands: Collse Heide 12 in Nuenen. The number of the Chamber of Commerce is: 82038074. Big Ass Battery B.V. is the responsible for processing privacy data.

This policy explains our general terms concerning the processing of personal data. We describe which data we will process, how we guarantee your privacy and your rights.

This policy covers all processed data of website visitors, suppliers, job applicants and all other Big Ass Battery B.V. relations.

What is the general privacy policy of Big Ass Battery B.V.?
  • Big Ass Battery B.V. respects the privacy of all the visitors of her website, all her (potential) customers and relations.
  • Big Ass Battery B.V. puts the security and confidentiality of your personal information first and carefully handles your personal data.
  • Big Ass Battery B.V. only shares your personal data with third parties if this is necessary for the fulfillment of an agreement or if this is requested by law.
  • Big Ass Battery B.V. is constantly looking for ways to improve her services and tailor it as much as possible to your personal wishes and needs. In addition, Big Ass Battery B.V. always takes your privacy in account and complies with the requirements of the applicable data protection legislation.

When and how will we collect your personal data? 

Big Ass Battery B.V. processes your personal data because of the fact that you:

  • use or intent to use Big Ass Battery B.V. services;
  • submit or leave your personal data at her establishment or via another common channels like e-mail, our website of by phone;
  • visit the website of Big Ass Battery B.V.;
  • have a business relationship with Big Ass Battery B.V.;
  • apply for a job at Big Ass Battery B.V..

Most data which we collect is the data you provide yourself. Which data this concern depends on which services you use or intent to use. Sometimes we can check our database which means you don’t have to provide the same data more than once.

Beside the data you provide we also collect data through cookies. We only do this whether or not after acceptance.

To which purpose we collect your personal data? 

Big Ass Battery B.V. processes your personal data for the next goals:

Communication. We will use your contact details so we can contact you if necessary, for example for the settlement of warranty or recall of products. Furthermore, to inform you about our services, promotions and offers. Beside that we will use your phone number, if you have given permission, to inform you personally about offers that are relevant to you or to include you in WhatsApp groups that are relevant to you.

Acquisition. To introduce Big Ass Battery B.V. to potential customers.

Execute contract. For the preparation, realization and execution of a contract we need to process the data of our customers and suppliers for example for

a creditworthiness check. In some cases, we will check the creditworthiness of our suppliers, customers and other relations by an external party. Mostly only the company details will be processed during this process but by exception is may Both as a result of open applications and as a result of a vacancy.

Laws and regulation. We will process personal data as the law requires this.

Marketing analysis research. We might use your contact details to invite you to enjoy our researches, surveys and customer panels. Furthermore, we will use purchase data for our analysis. At last we will use your data for our general investigation.

What are the bases for the processing? 

We will use your data in the following circumstances:

  • For the realization and the execution of the agreement with you;
  • because it is requested by law;
  • because you agreed;
  • or because we have legitimate interest for it.

In case you have given Big Ass Battery B.V. permission to process your data for certain goals, you always can withdraw this permission the same way you have given it.

Which processes it concerns and which personal data will Big Ass Battery B.V. Collect? 

Big Ass Battery B.V. will process your personal data for different processes. Underneath you will see an overview of the most important processes.

  1. Service department / contact form
    For all your questions, remarks and complains about our services and your purchases, you can contact our service department.

    In most of the cases the service department will ask you certain personal data or your customer number, so they can serve you well. Sometimes it will be necessary to share some data with third parties, for example a repairman or a supplier in case of warranty. The collected information at the service department will be used for research to improve our services.

    You can contact Big Ass Battery B.V. through a contact form at our website, for example if you have a question or a complaint. Our service department will receive this form and will process it as soon as possible. To do this we need certain data for and therefor you need to answer some questions in the contact form. The entered data is sent encrypted and will not be used for any other purpose than processing your question or complaint.

    2. Personalized offers/ targeted advertising
    Purchasing data will also be used to understand the wishes and needs of our customers and as input for our offers, promotions and other marketing activities.

    We also use your purchase data for personalized offers and to bring special selected products to your attention. We keep track of your purchasing behaviour in our customer database and can use this to make targeted offers or send targeted emails.

    We also can send you special online offers or advertisement, based on your wishes, but only if you have given permission to Big Ass Battery B.V. to do so. Big Ass Battery B.V. and third parties use cookies for this. With these cookies and pixels, we and/or third parties collect the following:

    (partly) your IP-address;
    Technical information such as the browser you use and the resolution of your computer screen;
    From which page you came before you visited our website;
    When and how long you visited our website;
    If you used the functionality of our website;
    Which pages your visited within our website;
    Your surfing behaviour outside our website.

    3. Product recall
    It might happen that you purchased a not proper functioning product at Big Ass Battery B.V.. In case you contact us, we will use your customer number and purchase data to check if and when you bought the product at Big Ass Battery B.V.. Then we will contact you. In exceptional situations, in case your health, well-being of safety is at risk, we will inform you as soon as possible. In that case we will decide that we will share your data with our supplier of other third parties to take necessary actions. In this case we will always make sure that the third party only uses this data for this recall action and will remove the data afterwards.

  1. Purchase / supplier
    Big Ass Battery B.V. processes personal data from her suppliers that are necessary for the purchase of products and the execution of the agreement. The data processed by Big Ass Battery B.V. are names and details of the contact persons and other data if this is required in a specific case.

    5. Applications
    If you apply for Big Ass Battery B.V., the data you provide will be processed. These include:

    Name and contact details;
    e-mail, phone number and other contact details;
    date of birth/age;
    Curriculum vitae (CV), information regarding education, internships and work experience
    Data regarding training and educations and/or assessments that you have followed through us or on your own initiative;
    Availability data;
    Other data which may be of interest to assess suitably, for example references, certificate, nationality and work permit;
    Other applied data.
    Only the direct receivers of this data, our recruiters and persons who are involved in the selection procedure or will join the interviews, have access to the applied data. Big Ass Battery B.V. only uses this data before and during the application process.

​How long do we keep your personal data? 
Big Ass Battery B.V. does not store your personal data longer than strictly necessary to realize the purpose for which your data is collected. What does that mean?

Kind of data:
Storage period and reason

Client data:
Your personal data is stored as long as you are Big Ass Battery B.V. client. As soon as this relationship ends we will store your data for max a year unless we need to store it longer because it is requested by law. For example invoices.

Your data is stored as long as we have a business relationship or as long as you will be our contact person and as long as the law requires it.

Job applicant:
Your data will be stored during the application process. A month after we have finished the application process Big Ass Battery B.V. will delete your data unless you have given Big Ass Battery B.V. a permit to store your data longer. In that case we will delete it a year after we have finished the application process.

​Do we share your data? 
Big Ass Battery B.V. is a Dutch company that operates international. All data we process is stored in the data centers of Big Ass Battery B.V. or its IT service providers.

In addition, we can share your data with third parties engaged by us, such as printers, e-mail and mail processors. We only share this information in order to comply with our contractual obligations or for direct marketing purposes.

When we share your data with third parties, we impose an obligation on third parties to protect your personal data properly. If we engage third parties
that are located outside the European Economic Area (EEA), we take additional measures where necessary.

Big Ass Battery B.V. never sells your personal data to third parties. In addition, Big Ass Battery B.V. will only share your data with parties other than those mentioned above if It is legally obliged to do so.

​How do we secure your data? 
We protect your data to prevent it from being lost or falling into wrong hands. Some of the measures that we take are: We secure our website with a TLS-certificate. This will send sensitive information, for example that is provided via a contact form, encrypted;

We keep our software up to date and use a firewall;
Access to electronic systems are password protected and to access it from the outside you need a two-factor authentication;
Only authorized staff members / third parties have access to your personal data;
Personal data will only be shared with a third party via a secure connection; and,
We conclude agreements with third parties who process your personal data in our order, which guarantees your privacy.

​What right do you have with regards to your personal data? 
You have the right to view, correct off to remove your data. In addition, you have the right to withdraw your permit to the data processing or to object the processing. You are also entitled to data portability in some cases. This means that you can submit a request to us to send the personal information, in a computer file, to you or another organization mentioned by you.

You can send your request to view, correct, remove or data portability of your personal data or your request to withdraw your permit or your objection to
the processing of the data to

If you have complaints about our data processing, we kindly request you to report this. Of course, we hope we can solve this together. In addition, there is the possibility of submitting a complaint to the national supervisory authority, the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

What if the privacy policy of Big Ass Battery B.V. Changes? 
The data protection rules and our services may change. We therefore reserve the right to change this privacy statement. The most current privacy statement can always be found at